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Creating A Pre-Market Strategy

With so many companies to see at Lightovation and a limited amount of time to do so, forming a plan ahead of time is good business. s we near the end of 2016, facets of the way we do...


New Lighting Regulations

A reminder that Title 24 Title 20 in California – which impacts all lighting manufacturers doing business in the Golden State – takes effect starting January 1, 2017. When lighting industry...


Developing A Process

Believe it or not, good “product sell-through” doesn’t just happen; it’s part art and part science. Many factors go into purchasing items for your store. Typically you select products that...

Whats Next For Westinghouse?

What’s Next for Westinghouse

Ray Angelo, President & CEO of Westinghouse Lighting, details how the company has evolved since its headline-making partnership and where it’s headed in 2017. hat’s in a name? Plenty...

memorial tribute David Stark of Lighting Concepts

Stark Raving Fans

A memorial tribute to industry veteran and lighting sales representative David Stark of Lighting Concepts International in Scottsdale. ey! When am I going to be the centerfold of your...

Al Ain Oasis World Class Medical Clinic

Healthy Oasis

In the second-largest city of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, the cutting-edge design of a proposed bio-climatic healthcare facility received a lot of attention internationally. or a...


It’s Not Just What You Say

In the world of Sales, many things speak louder than words. The non-verbal aspects of your customer interactions accentuate what you say, how you are perceived, and set the foundation for...