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Get LEDucated

The benefits of “small” show venues include more cost-friendly exhibitor and attendee fees, convenient locations, and efficient time-management. he world of solid-state lighting has been...


LEDucation Preview

CEU-accredited sessions covering lighting for the elderly, net-zero buildings, wireless controls, and luminous surfaces are just a sampling of what’s on tap at the exhibition’s 10th...


LEDS And The Problem Of Flicker

While LED is fast-becoming the pervasive form of lighting these days, there are still challenges to be resolved as the technology evolves. by David LaVigna hanks to the proliferation of LED...

LEDucation LED Education

LEDucation: The Great Eight

The recent edition of LEDucation in New York City proves there remains an insatiable thirst for LED knowledge among lighting specifiers, architects, and other design professionals. This...

Residential Lighting Laser-vs-LED

Beyond LED: The Laser vs. LED

Laser vs. LED: New research studies are exploring the effectiveness of laser diodes in producing white light that could be used in ambient lighting.   Laser-based white light is created by...

A Shift To Fashionable LEDs

A Shift to Fashionable LEDs

What you need to know about solid-state lighting’s role in transforming the decorative and residential portion of the industry.    The decorative lighting market has typically been governed...

Fashionable LED Lighting

Fashionable LED Lighting

 The small size of LED packages means designers have more artistic freedom than ever when creating lighting fixtures. Here is a sampling of some of the new, innovative products on the...