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Are You Still On Track?

Way back in December or January, you set your business – and personal – goals for the year, but have you been keeping tabs on your efforts and progress? y this time of the year most people...

Building an Alliance

Tips for negotiating mutually beneficial relationships between vendors, showrooms, and manufacturers’ representatives.  he relationship between lighting showrooms and their cadre of vendors...


Evaluating Your Service

Every aspect of the way we interact with customers is changing, and customer service is yet another example.  Customer service today has expanded from being the helpful person on the end of...

HKS Miami Hospitality Studio-Lighting Cuba

Courting Cuba

With the embargo lifted between the U.S. and Cuba, there is tremendous growth potential for the hospitality market in the island country.


The Art of Building Rapport

In retail today, connecting with the customer on a personal level is more important than ever. omewhere in the midst of every sales model, you will find the topic of building rapport with...