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Creating A Pre-Market Strategy

With so many companies to see at Lightovation and a limited amount of time to do so, forming a plan ahead of time is good business. s we near the end of 2016, facets of the way we do...


New Lighting Regulations

A reminder that Title 24 Title 20 in California – which impacts all lighting manufacturers doing business in the Golden State – takes effect starting January 1, 2017. When lighting...


Developing A Process

Believe it or not, good “product sell-through” doesn’t just happen; it’s part art and part science. Many factors go into purchasing items for your store. Typically you select...

memorial tribute David Stark of Lighting Concepts

Stark Raving Fans

A memorial tribute to industry veteran and lighting sales representative David Stark of Lighting Concepts International in Scottsdale. ey! When am I going to be the centerfold of your...

Al Ain Oasis World Class Medical Clinic

Healthy Oasis

In the second-largest city of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, the cutting-edge design of a proposed bio-climatic healthcare facility received a lot of attention internationally. or a...


It’s Not Just What You Say

In the world of Sales, many things speak louder than words. The non-verbal aspects of your customer interactions accentuate what you say, how you are perceived, and set the foundation for...


Are You Still On Track?

Way back in December or January, you set your business – and personal – goals for the year, but have you been keeping tabs on your efforts and progress? y this time of the year most...


Building an Alliance

Tips for negotiating mutually beneficial relationships between vendors, showrooms, and manufacturers’ representatives.  he relationship between lighting showrooms and their cadre of...