ITC Reverses Decision on Patent Dispute, Sides With SATCO

On July 3, the International Trade Commission (ITC) reversed the initial decision by an Administrative Law Judge on February 3, 2014 in a patent dispute between Neptun Light, Inc. – a designer, developer, and manufacturer of lighting products by founder and inventor Andrzej Bobel – and lighting manufacturer SATCO (as well as MaxLite and Litetronics) […]

Brian Brandes - STACO

Brian Brandes: Is There A Challenger For Solid State Lighting?

With all of the attention paid to LED, are we at risk for missing alternative upstart technologies?   Is the state of the lighting business solid, or should I say solid state? As our industry is swept up in a rampant, technology change; let’s take a moment to assess where we are, and where we […]


Satco announces alliance with Affiliated Distributors

Satco Products, Inc. has announced today its alliance with Affiliated Distributors (A-D), a company comprised of independent distributors and manufacturers of construction and industrial supplies. Satco will offer its one million-plus square feet of warehouse space containing thousands of SKUs covering all light source technologies, including LED, one of Satco’s strongest product lines. Decorative fixtures, […]

A Shift To Fashionable LEDs

A Shift to Fashionable LEDs

What you need to know about solid-state lighting’s role in transforming the decorative and residential portion of the industry.    The decorative lighting market has typically been governed by design principles that help guide the product selection process to create an environment that is visually pleasing. The lighting scheme must be functional, offer variable control […]

Satco Supports Local Superstorm Sandy Relief Efforts

Satco Supports Local Superstorm Sandy Relief Efforts

Satco Supports Local Superstorm Sandy Relief Efforts: Brentwood, N.Y.-based Satco Products, Inc. launched a fundraising effort soon after the storm hit and a full picture of the destruction was realized. “The devastation caused by this storm has prompted everyone at Satco to think about our neighbors in need. Being a local business, almost every employee at […]


2012 Hong Kong Lighting Fair Offered Innovation to a Record Crowd

At the 2012 Hong Kong Lighting Fair, buyers from North America, Europe, and Scandinavia marked interest from manufacturers seeking Energy Star and Zhaga certification. The Autumn Edition of the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair, held at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre in late October, hosted a record-breaking 2,300 exhibitors from 37 countries and […]

Improved Incandescent Light Bulbs and Innovations in LED

Improved Incandescent Light Bulbs and Innovations in LED

Improvements on incandescent bulbs and innovations in LED are occurring rapidly. Here are some of the newest products on the market. MaxLite: ENERGY STAR-rated MaxLED® PAR lamps deliver high-quality illumination for track lighting and monorail systems in retail, commercial, residential, and architectural applications. Both provide a top-notch center beam candle power (CBCP) rating. They are […]

LED LIghting Technology

LED Lighting Technology

LED Lighting Technology: A look at LED lighting, reflecting the great strides made in performance, quality, and consistency of LED lighting. Bulbrite LED Chandelier 5-watt LED dimmable candelabra uses a high-power chip that delivers 300+ lumens (a 40-watt equivalency) with minimal glare. It offers smooth dimming and a long life of up to 25,000 hours. […]

Nuvo Lighting Lands ENERGY STAR Version 1.1 Approval

Nuvo Lighting Lands ENERGY STAR Version 1.1 Approval

Nuvo Lighting Lands ENERGY STAR Version 1.1 Approval: Nuvo Lighting, a brand of Satco Products, Inc. based in Brentwood, N.Y., has received ENERGY STAR version 1.1 approval for 360+ lighting fixtures. Nuvo Lighting is one of the first manufacturers to have a large quantity of decorative fixtures qualified under the new regulations. Complete collections of […]


The Future of LED Technology: New LED Products

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