In Memory of Doug Miller

The lighting industry lost a bright star in November when Doug Miller of Colonial Electric/Bright Light Design Center (with stores in Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey) unexpectedly passed away.    A native of Pennsylvania, Doug Miller entered the lighting industry in 1987 when he was hired as a buyer for All-Phase Electric Inc. in […]

How to Shop the Dalas Market Center

How to Shop the Dallas Market

Merchandising and sales expert Denis Caldora provides tips on how to make smart buying decisions at market.   Do Your Homework Before you leave for the Dallas Market, take a look through recent editions of the Home section of your local metropolitan newspaper to observe the furniture trends in your area.  Then go online to […]

Denis Caldora Track and Recessed Lighting Displays

Seasonal Display Ideas: Track & Recessed Lighting

Merchandising specialist Denis Caldora shares his strategies for creating maximum impact in minimal space. First of all, this category is so important that I truly believe it warrants having a designated room/section to show the products best. However, I understand that many showrooms today are tight on space, so I have prepared some alternatives. Demonstrate […]

Denis Caldora

Seasonal Displays: Making the Most of Mirrors

Merchandising maven Denis Caldora travels the country teaching lighting showrooms how to maximize each category for greater profit. Here’s how to improve your mirror mix. Create A Wall Of Mirrors You remember the carnival attraction called the House of Mirrors, don’t you? Well, how about devoting a wal (or a large portion of a wall) […]

Denis Caldora Ceiling Fan Display Tips

New Ways to Display Ceiling Fans

Denis Caldora shares some of the merchandising tips he employs while making fan departments.   Hang Ceiling Fans at Different Heights When you hang all of your ceiling fans at the same level, it’s virtually impossible for consumers to isolate the various styles separately. Bringing a decorative fan down to a level where customers can […]

Denis Caldora

Denis Caldora: How to Boost Your Kitchen & Bath Sales

Merchandising & sales expert Denis Caldora reveals strategies for improving your kitchen and bath lighting sales immediately. A wall of vanity strip lights is so last century Take a look at what’s happening in the home décor industry today and see what non-lighting retailers are doing with our category. They are bringing lighting into their […]

Denis Caldora: How to Buy & Display Accessories Properly

Denis Caldora: How to Buy & Display Accessories Properly

Merchandising & sales expert Denis Caldora says there’s a science to finding the right mix to increase your profitability. Get Organized Before you can even think about accessorizing, you have to put your showroom in order.  By that, I mean you must classify the products you have, breaking them into style groupings. For example, put […]

Lighting Retail Displays for Children

Why Create A Children’s Lighting Section in Your Store?

3  Reasons to Create a Children’s Section in Your Store Almost everyone has children in their lives Whether your customers are parents, grandparents, aunts, or uncles, everyone knows someone who has children – and those kids are the most important people in their lives. This is a category that’s been neglected by lighting showrooms. We […]

Lighting Retailers Improve Your Outdoor Lighting Presentation

5 Steps to Improve Your Outdoor Lighting Section

Denis Caldora, merchandising and sales expert, explains how to quickly maximize your presentation and increase your bottom line. 1.  Make categories. A common problem I see in showrooms is that it’s hard for customers to get a sense of style when there are so many products that look alike all gathered in one place. Narrow […]

Denis Caldora

Want Denis Caldora to Help Your Store This Year?

Want Denis Caldora to Help Your Store This Year? Caldora Lighting Design Services is now available to all lighting retailers, regardless of the lines carried by the store.  Denis Caldora and his team offer an array of services from providing assistance in designing layouts for both new and existing lighting showrooms (including a complete set […]