A conversation with Interior Designer Elaine Williamson

 For Williamson, the walls of a room are the foundation. Her love of paint and faux finishing shines through in her work, but she’s also astute in selecting just the right accessories and lighting to make each room’s décor come alive.

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“My clients are very adventurous; they are always willing to go there with me. I respect the fact that they [value] my work enough to hand over their trust,” she says. Williamson encourages homeowners to think outside the box, especially when it comes to supplementing their interiors with lighting. “You can’t have a gorgeous home with just builder-grade lighting in it. Builders really don’t take lighting into consideration,” she admits. With builders not paying much attention to the category, homeowners tend not to either. “We find many have chosen their lighting based on price point,” she remarks. Part of Williamson’s job is to select lighting that helps “tell the story of the home” and fits in with the overall feel and style.

“Everyone deserves good design,” she remarks. “Not everyone can buy a designer coffee table, but everyone can take a step up. We are all at different levels of taste, appreciation, and income in our lives,” Williamson comments. “Taste is simply an extension of appreciation, which mainly comes from exposure to what you haven’t experienced before. Just as Oprah says, ‘When you know better, you do better,’ I say, ‘When you see better, you want better!’”

Elaine Williamson Featured in enLightenment Magazine

When it comes to interiors, Williamson is adept at showing her clients what “better” looks like. Everyone’s sense of aesthetics continues to evolve over time, influenced by travel or life experiences. For that reason, Williamson recommends refreshing the décor of a room every year and a half. Even though the interiors she designs are created to be unique to each client and timeless in appearance, there are some common denominators.

“My team and I tend to include a vein of elegance in all of our work, whether the space is modern, transitional, traditional, commercial, or residential. However, we include a harlequin pattern of some sort in each and every design. That has become our signature,” she explains. Continue Reading

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