A conversation with Interior Designer Elaine Williamson

enLightenment Magazine features Elaine Williamson“Designing in color has always been a passion of mine,” explains Elaine Williamson of the eponymous Dallas-based design firm that specializes in custom, high-end homes as well as retail, hospitality, and other commercial projects.

Lighting has also become an influential factor in her 20+ years as an interior designer. “You don’t want someone to walk into a room and say, ‘That’s a great lamp!’ You want them to notice the overall effect enhanced by the lighting,” Williamson says. “It’s like telling a woman, ‘That’s a nice eyeshadow’ instead of noticing her overall beauty.”

Williamson fell in love with design at a young age, growing up in Mobile, Ala. and New Orleans. Unable to afford college but undeterred in her quest, Williamson regularly visited college bookstores and purchased the books required for the design curriculum.

Through a combination of studying books and mentorship under several renowned local designers in New Orleans, Williamson got her start in faux painting and finishing. “I befriended a lot of designers and learned from them. I would do anything to be around design,” she recalls. Her surroundings were another influence. “New Orleans has a great juxtaposition of textures and lines,” she remarks.

“I was always inspired by artistic creations and got my first [lessons in] color theory from faux artists. I assisted, studied, and learned their techniques and began incorporating that creativity into my interiors as well,” Williamson adds. After notable success with her first interior design project for a Daytona Beach house, her design business trajectory was launched. Continue Reading

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