Coty Awards

CotY Awards: Grace Under Pressure

CotY Awards: This award-winning bath renovation was completed from start to finish in record time.  Photography ©Brian Krebs/Fred Forbes Photogroupe  Having worked in the high-pressure accounting field for years, interior designer Pamela Kofsky of Elegant Interior Designs in Ambler, Pa., knows a thing or two about delivering results on a tight deadline. Therefore she was game […]

Feng Shui Inq Retail Lighting

Feng Shui: Successful Synergy

Partnering with a local Feng Shui master boosted Statewide Lighting’s customer base and provided a new resource for Sandy Sue Rector’s clients.   There is a statistic floating out there in the lighting retail world that people buy a lighting fixture once every 10 years or more. Partnering with builders has always been a sure […]

Residential Design Trends 2014

Spring 2014 Interior Design Trends – Unexpected

Today’s designs may be pared down, but they offer a unique twist in either the materials finish, or trim detail.  Phillips Collection: This inspirational vignette blends several hot trends: a pop of color on the Seatbelt chairs, the unlikely pairing of resin and wood on the Glitz stools (which also serve as accent tables), and […]

Interior Design Trends French Heritage

Spring 2014 Interior Design Trends – Color

 With a new year comes optimism. Consumers are ready to banish the dark, Recession “safe” tones  and are embracing pops of color for a breath of fresh air.  Wesley Hall: The Aurora settee is shown here in the company’s exclusive Parisian/Multi fabric.     Norwalk Furniture: With its six-sided clover shaping, the Kate ottoman […]

Upcycling Lighting

Going “Up”: Upcycling

One of the hottest trends in home décor these days is upcycling – repurposing mundane objects into newly functional things of beauty (including lighting). Belalia’s workshop and some of the wire she uses to bind metal scrubbing sponges together into ethereal illuminated objects. Orange enamel enlivens elements from a kitchen steamer that have been riveted […]

Michael Mendoza 2013 Fashion Trends

Michael Mendoza: TREND WATCH

ON THE FASHION RADAR: SPRING 2014   By Michael Mendoza   Design inspiration comes from everywhere. Therefore, designers must be sensitive to environment, forms, textures, finishes, and materials that give us inspiration to create new products. For me, inspiration especially comes from the areas that influence furniture and lighting design the most. In my previous […]

Multi-Generational Living

Multi-Generational Living: A New Home Design Is Gaining Ground

One of the fastest-growing categories in home building is multi-generational living.    A record number of Americans live in multi-generational households today, according to Generations United™ (GU), a national organization focused on improving the lives of children, youth, and older people through intergenerational strategies, programs, and public policies. Although the trend began before the economic […]

enLightenment Home Style: Wallcoverings

Climbing the Walls: The Art of Wallcoverings

Don’t be a wallflower when offering complementary categories. Go vertical to showcase the latest in home décor.   Wallcoverings are receiving renewed attention among consumers, thanks to a myriad of new treatments and techniques that make them rise above the memory of your grandma’s chintz overload. Today, walls feature shimmering metallic treatments, life-size murals, and […]

Multi-Family Housing Outlook

Multi-Family Housing Outlook

Alan Margolin of M&M Lighting in Houston explains what the market is looking for in his area. Home Remodeling Market Losing Steam: NAHB NHMC Survey Points To Continued Growth Statistics Point to Housing Growth in 80 Cities In the past few months alone, San Francisco, New York City, and Seattle are just some of the […]

Residential Lighting: Home Remodeling Market Is Losing Steam

Home Remodeling Market Losing Steam: NAHB

After record highs, new report shows the remodeling sector  has slowed in 2012. Multi-Family Housing Outlook NHMC Survey Points To Continued Growth Statistics Point to Housing Growth in 80 Cities According to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), the second quarter results of the Remodeling Market Index (RMI) slipped under pressure from a softening […]