International Builders Show - The New American Home

There’s No Place Like The New American Home

The crown jewel of the International Builders’ Show – The New American Home demonstrates the latest innovations in residential new construction.  Photography Courtesy of Trent Bell Since 1984, The New American Home program has represented high-performance building practices and showcased the newest products and materials available. It also acts as a harbinger of the type […]

Sharon Olsen of KSA Lighting Lights Wallgreens

Rx for Change: Walgreens

When competing pharmacy chains began paying attention to aesthetics, Walgreens decided to up its game.   Since Walgreens had been challenged recently by competitors such as CVS and WalMart, its executives wanted to reinforce Walgreens’ presence in its hometown of Chicago with a new flagship that elevates the brand from a local store to something […]


Legends, Leaders, Luminaries: Brett Robinson-Robinson Lighting & Bath

Luminary - Retail: Brett Robinson – Robinson Lighting & Bath, Canada   How did you get started in the industry?  Well, the easy answer is that it’s a family business. I am a fifth generation Robinson in the lighting business if you include Thomas Robinson who was a “chandler” (candle maker) in Montreal around 1850. Needless to […]


Legends, Leaders, Luminaries: Nicole Bretzing-Bretzing & Associates

Leader - Category : Nicole Bretzing, Bretzing & Associates, San Ramon, Calif.   How did you get started in the industry?  I got into the lighting industry quite by accident.  While going to college, I responded to an ad for a part-time position in customer service in the office of a local manufacturer’s representative. I was majoring […]

Brody Foy

Legends, Leaders, Luminaries: Brody Foy-Western Lighting

Luminary - Rep: Brody Foy, Western Lighting, Irvine, Calif. How did you get started in the industry? I was introduced to the lighting industry in December 2003, when I started installing fixtures for Schonbek Worldwide Lighting in the Expo Design Centers.  By spring 2004 at the direction of my boss, Jeff Jarvie, I started representing Dale Tiffany […]

Ira Phillips - Quoizel Lighting

Legends, Leaders, Luminaries: Ira Phillips – Quoizel

LEGEND - Manufacture: Ira Phillips, Quoizel How did you get started in the industry?  Before I entered the lighting industry, I was a diamond salesman who no longer wanted to travel. I was presented with an opportunity at Lightolier and worked for them for about five years. One day I put an ad in the newspaper and […]

Alvin Lehman, Atlantic Electrical Supply

Legends, Leaders, Luminaries: Alvin Lehman, Atlantic Electrical Supply

Legend - Retailer Category: Alvin Lehman, Atlantic Electrical Supply, Richmond, Va. How did you get started in the lighting industry? This is a family business that I joined as an employee in June 1955.  What are the biggest changes you’ve seen? The industry used to be more personal – and that is true for the manufacturers as […]

Kellee Hollenback-Littman Group

Legends, Leaders, Luminaries: Kellee Hollenback-Littman Group

Luminary - Manufacturer category: Kellee Hollenback, Littman Group  How did you get started in the lighting industry?  My fashion sense led me to lighting.  In my 20s I got into retail, starting at the Gap. By 2000, I was the General Manager of the number two Ann Taylor store in the country.  Karen Miller, who was the […]

Lighting Rep Bob Stolzberg

Legends, Leaders, Luminaries: Bob Stolzberg – Stolzberg Associates

LEGEND - Rep: Bob Stolzberg, Stolzberg Associates in Lighting, Maryland Heights, Mo. How did you get started in the industry?  I have been in the lighting industry since I graduated from college in the early 1970s. I was so fortunate to have worked at Westinghouse Corp., Lightolier, and with industry leaders such as Maurie Rosen, Sam and […]

Lucy Dearborn: Lucia Lighting & Design

Legends, Leaders, Luminaries: Lucy Dearborn-Lucia Lighting & Design

LEADER: Retailer - Lucy Dearborn, Lucia Lighting & Design, Lynn, Mass.     How did you get started in the industry?  Lighting was my first job out of college. I worked in a local lighting store and fell in love with the creativity, constant change, and technical challenges that lighting offers.  Clients really appreciate special guidance and […]