Retail Strategy: 5 Business Partnerships You Might Not Have Thought of

5 Business Partnerships You Might Not Have Thought of (But Should): James P. Fleming of Camelot Consulting Group reveals several non-traditional marketing approaches that can pay off for lighting showrooms.     While most retailers readily acknowledge traditional advertising is not delivering the degree of new business they’d like or need, few explore unconventional marketing approaches […]

10 quick easy in store promotions

Lighting Showrooms: 10 Quick and Easy Promotions

Patricia Norris publisher of Gift Shop magazine offers these suggestions to help retailers develop deeper customer relationships and stay top of mind. Speaking at a seminar held at the Las Vegas Market and sponsored by Gift + Home at LVMC, Norris said a good promotion not only generates more traffic, but provides a sense of […]

enLightenment Residential Lighting: Spec Sales

Special Opportunity: Specification Salesperson

Hiring a specification salesperson can boost a retailer’s bottom line – if it’s done right. Here’s what you need to know.    By Susan Grisham For lighting showrooms looking to expand or diversify their business, specification sales may be the answer. Handling this segment requires a commitment of manpower and resources, but the positives outweigh […]

Lighting Showrooms

Lighting Showrooms: 6 Ways to Get More ROI for Your Marketing Dollars

 Consultant David Gordon offers creative ways to maximize opportunities that retailers might not have realized.   Think About Seasonal Occasions For example, October is Fire Prevention Month and November starts Daylight Savings Time — both are timely for running promotions on light sources and controls.  The autumn months are perfect for advertising that taps into […]


Why You Need Gen Y

Research shows Gen Y outnumbers Baby Boomers and Gen X – not only does this affect your store’s hiring choices, but the demographic of your end-consumer.   By Susan Grisham   They aren’t the wealthiest demographic, thanks to the staggering amount of debt they have amassed at a young age, but they are about to […]

Lighting One - Lighting Buying Groups

Buying Groups: Strength in Numbers

In a tight economy, many distributors find joining a marketing group to be beneficial to their bottom line.   Lighting One, which is part of CCA Global Partners – one of the largest privately held companies in the U.S. with 12 distinct businesses, 2,700+ locations, and aggregated annual sales in the billions of dollars – […]

Lighting Showrooms of the Future-style

Showroom of the Future

These retailers find that investment in bricks and mortar can turn showroomers into buyers.  By Susan Grisham A funny thing happened during the Recession: consumers hunkered down and discovered new ways to shop. By merely lifting a finger, they became more mobile, shopping new venues, encountering new trends, and comparing prices. Whether via tablets at […]


How to Sell to Interior Designers

Three prominent interior designers discuss the changing role of lighting in their projects and how lamps and fixtures matter more now than ever before.  Interior designers are revered for their practiced eye for aesthetic balance, good taste, and knack for finding the perfect items that reflect their clients’ lifestyles and interests. We asked three sought-after […]

Energy Star Showroom Tips

Showroom Tips for Highlighting Energy Awareness

By Taylor Jantz-Sell, Energy Star Lighting Program Manager Today, there are four billion light bulb sockets in the U.S., and more than three billion of them still use the standard incandescent technology that was created over 125 years ago. With new legislation and rapid advancements in technology, the available lighting options have changed so fast […]

Marketing to Millennials

How to Market to Millennials

A recent study reveals the habits, wants, and needs of this vital consumer group. In contrast to their reputation as a lazy, entitled generation, U.S. Millennials are actively engaged in consuming and influencing – and their habits are distinct from those of earlier generations in several important ways, according to a recent survey of 4,000 […]