Retail-Strategy combat-showrooming

Retail Strategy: How to Combat Showrooming

Don Surdoval, from retail software provider Storis, offers advice for thwarting this bane of retailing. According to research cited by Don Surdoval, 87 percent of smartphone and tablet owners use those devices for shopping, plus there has been a 50 percent increase a week in online shoppers between 2012 and 2013. The problem, Surdoval told […]

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Can Cash Mobs Work for You?

Can Cash Mobs Work for You?   By now you’ve either seen a “flash mob” happen right before your eyes (such as at the High Point and Dallas Markets) or you’ve watched one on YouTube or on your local evening news. Cash mobs demonstrate that same type of unbridled enthusiasm as a flash mob, but […]

Lighting Showrooms Inventory Management

Retail Strategy: Determining the Ideal Amount of Inventory

Determining the ideal amount of inventory is one of retailers’ biggest challenges. Lighting distributors that have a lot of remodeling customers find carrying heavy stock on certain items to be a necessary part of doing business today. Keeping the most popular items on hand is a no brainer, but what about those items a retailer […]

How to Increase Floor Traffic

How to Increase Floor Traffic

 Las Vegas Market seminar speaker Becky Tyre offers advice on bringing customers into your showroom all year long.    Before she signed on as senior trends editor for Gift Shop Magazine, Tyre worked for a major retailer and even operated her own successful retail store. As the writer of the Retail Details blog for […]

Residential Lighting Showrooms Loyalty

How To Build Loyalty In A Lighting Showroom

Everyone wants new business, but some lighting showrooms have discovered that paying special attention to their loyal customers can yield even better dividends.  Developing compelling reasons for repeat customers to keep coming back to your store is a guaranteed recipe for profitability. enLIGHTenment Magazine asked several highly successful lighting showrooms to share their strategies.  Independent […]


How to Manage Distracted Employees

Is there one cubicle or desk in the office where it seems everyone gathers to share a joke or recap the highlights of last night’s Game of Thrones episode? Are you tired of approaching an employee to ask for assistance on a project, only to find him or her glued to their smart phone? Maybe […]

Secrets of Winning Over Online Shoppers

Showroom Lighting: The Secrets of Winning Over Online Shoppers

Research commissioned by shipping company UPS uncovers which elements of the online shopping experience are most important to consumers.  This past holiday season demonstrated just how popular online shopping has become when prominent shipping companies UPS and FedEx struggled to keep up with the unexpected surge in last-minute Internet orders.    Online retail growth continues […]


How Home Builders Allocate Home Spaces

Home Destination, a Minneapolis residential Realtor with RE/MAX Results, analyzes a recently released special report from the NAHB.  Trends in new construction reveal how home builders allocate home spaces in typically residential single-family homes, according to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). The go-to-place for data on characteristics of new homes, the Census Bureau’s […]


How to Win the Inventory Game: Stock Vs. Heavy Inventory

Some lighting retailers rely on Just in Time while others carry heavy inventory – choosing a method depends on your customers. The recent Recession forced many retailers to more closely examine who their customers are and how they buy. Even in the not-too-distant-to-be-forgotten boom years when stock turned over quickly, inventory was still a primary […]

Making A Lighting Showroom A Lighting Destination

Making Your Lighting Showroom a Destination

The mastermind behind Hallmark’s successful reinvention as destination stores shares tips to help lighting showrooms stand out.   Business consultant Jon Schallert, president of The Schallert Group in Colorado, knows a thing or two about driving foot traffic into a narrowly focused retail venue. In his case, the challenge was to entice people to visit […]