Denis Caldora Track and Recessed Lighting Displays

Seasonal Display Ideas: Track & Recessed Lighting

Merchandising specialist Denis Caldora shares his strategies for creating maximum impact in minimal space. First of all, this category is so important that I truly believe it warrants having a designated room/section to show the products best. However, I understand that many showrooms today are tight on space, so I have prepared some alternatives. Demonstrate […]

Denis Caldora

Seasonal Displays: Making the Most of Mirrors

Merchandising maven Denis Caldora travels the country teaching lighting showrooms how to maximize each category for greater profit. Here’s how to improve your mirror mix. Create A Wall Of Mirrors You remember the carnival attraction called the House of Mirrors, don’t you? Well, how about devoting a wal (or a large portion of a wall) […]

Denis Caldora Ceiling Fan Display Tips

New Ways to Display Ceiling Fans

Denis Caldora shares some of the merchandising tips he employs while making fan departments.   Hang Ceiling Fans at Different Heights When you hang all of your ceiling fans at the same level, it’s virtually impossible for consumers to isolate the various styles separately. Bringing a decorative fan down to a level where customers can […]

Denis Caldora

Denis Caldora: How to Boost Your Kitchen & Bath Sales

Merchandising & sales expert Denis Caldora reveals strategies for improving your kitchen and bath lighting sales immediately. A wall of vanity strip lights is so last century Take a look at what’s happening in the home décor industry today and see what non-lighting retailers are doing with our category. They are bringing lighting into their […]

Denis Caldora: How to Buy & Display Accessories Properly

Denis Caldora: How to Buy & Display Accessories Properly

Merchandising & sales expert Denis Caldora says there’s a science to finding the right mix to increase your profitability. Get Organized Before you can even think about accessorizing, you have to put your showroom in order.  By that, I mean you must classify the products you have, breaking them into style groupings. For example, put […]

Merchandising & sales training expert Denis Caldora offers up 10 Tips to turn your store around in 2012.

Denis Caldora: 10 Tips to turn your store around in 2012

10 tips to turn your store around in 2012 according to merchandising & sales training expert Denis Caldora January is the beginning of a new year – and the way of doing business has changed drastically. Not that long ago, builders made up most of a lighting retailer’s sales. The customers who come in to […]

Holiday Lighting, enLightenment mag

Lighting Up Holiday Sales

Gorgeous decorating from famous historic homes around the country sure to inspire your retail displays. By contributing editor Patricia Hart McMillan What can lighting retailers learn from historic house museums? The same thing that I proved time and again as head of display for a large Dallas furniture retailer, window designer for a Lexington Avenue […]

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Giving Thanks for Your Business! Suggestions From Jim Fleming

Merchandising expert and retail strategist Jim Fleming offers creative suggestions retailers can use to boost floor traffic and purchases in November. “If there’s ever a time to prompt homeowners to replace that dining room fixture, it’s just prior to holiday entertaining,” advises Jim Fleming of Camelot Consulting Group. “November is the ideal time to promote […]