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Utility Incentives in Action

The Gary Force Toyota dealership is an outstanding example of how LED upgrades make a big difference. Established in 1973, family-owned Gary Force Toyota is part of three award-winning...

Title 26 (Part 6)

The 411 on Title 26 (Part 6)

Three months ago, changes to the lighting requirements under Title 24, Part 6 took effect. Here is a short list of the major updates and requirements affecting residential lighting codes...

Title 26 (Part 6)

Title 26 (Part 6) Resources

RESOURCES California Energy Commission www.energy.ca.gov/title24/2013standards For nearly 35 years, the California Energy Commission has saved Californians more than $66 billion in energy...

Residential Lighting Utility Rebates

Utility Company Rebate Update

 Customers reluctant to try out new lighting technology might change their mindset if they think of these incentives as getting paid to save energy. Lighting is only a portion of the...


Partnering With Electricians

Lighting showrooms are in a sweet spot. They have the LED knowledge that can make electricians’ jobs easier. Technology has become a game-changer for every aspect of the lighting...