Lighting Designer Mike Brannon

Mike Brannon: Perfect Balance

Musician and lighting designer Mike Brannon of Lightlink Lighting in Texas bridges the creative gap between the natural and industrial design worlds.   From left to right:  the Dichroic Temple accent lamp, the Northern Lights suspended sculpture made of fiberoptic mesh between two layers of dichroic eco-resin internally lit by LEDs, and Sputnik made with 25-inch fluorescent […]

European Residential Lighting Style

New Face of American Design: How to Sell European & American Style

Experts explain the differences between Modern lighting design in America versus Europe and the changing landscape affecting both markets today.   Although steeped in a cultural heritage centuries older than the U.S., Europe has long enjoyed the leading role in shaping the contemporary design direction of lighting while offering a bold and playful approach to […]

enLIGHTenment news

A Boost in Builder Business: Selling the Home Builder

The year 2013 showed positive signs in new home construction as well as existing home sales — a trend that is expected to increase in 2014.  While real estate sales in most major metropolitan cities never reached the lows that other areas in the country did, even the states that were hardest hit (i.e. Arizona, […]

Making A Lighting Showroom A Lighting Destination

Making Your Lighting Showroom a Destination

The mastermind behind Hallmark’s successful reinvention as destination stores shares tips to help lighting showrooms stand out.   Business consultant Jon Schallert, president of The Schallert Group in Colorado, knows a thing or two about driving foot traffic into a narrowly focused retail venue. In his case, the challenge was to entice people to visit […]

Assisted living Trends

Assisted Senior Living: Eying the Future New Market

 Catering to assisted senior living and active adult communities in your area is a mutually beneficial proposition. The old saying “You can’t fool Mother Nature” certainly applies to the aging process. While modern medicine has allowed us to minimize the visible signs of aging with creams and procedures, our organs are another matter. When it […]

Energy Partnering With Utilities Style

Making the Most of Utility Programs

 Informing customers about any state or local monetary incentives to make more energy-efficient lighting choices could be a win-win opportunity for your store.    Next month, Daylight Savings Time ends and there is more darkness than light in our 24-hour days. This inevitable occurrence is the ideal time to advertise your showroom’s expertise on the […]


Electricians Can be Your Best Advocate

Where once there might have been a rivalry for business, today there are more mutually beneficial partnerships.  If a lighting store has talented lighting designers on staff, a good electrician can become a savvy business partner. According to business consultant Allen Ray of Allen Ray Associates in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, showrooms that seek out […]

enlightenment magazine lighting reps

ALA – Rep Report: BJ Ferber & Associates

Whether or not they know (or like) it, rep team BJ Ferber and Barbara Jordan of BJ Ferber & Associates are as alike as they are different.    There has always been a soft spot in my heart for Texans, and much of that has to do with their larger-than-life personalities, their generosity, and their […]


Retail Strategy: 5 Business Partnerships You Might Not Have Thought of

5 Business Partnerships You Might Not Have Thought of (But Should): James P. Fleming of Camelot Consulting Group reveals several non-traditional marketing approaches that can pay off for lighting showrooms.     While most retailers readily acknowledge traditional advertising is not delivering the degree of new business they’d like or need, few explore unconventional marketing approaches […]

Residential Lighting Reps

The Changing Role of Lighting Reps

Nothing is business as usual anymore in retail, manufacturing, OR repping. We asked some long-time lighting reps how their operations – plus customers’ and factories’ expectations – have changed. Brett Blizzard  From Retail to Rep “I’m a filament baby. My parents owned Coastal Lighting in Wilmington, N.C. and I grew up in the lighting showroom […]