Residential Lighting Utility Rebates

Utility Company Rebate Update

 Customers reluctant to try out new lighting technology might change their mindset if they think of these incentives as getting paid to save energy. Lighting is only a portion of the energy-efficiency initiatives available to your local residential and commercial communities, but with Daylight Savings Time ending next month, it can be top of mind […]


Partnering With Electricians

Lighting showrooms are in a sweet spot. They have the LED knowledge that can make electricians’ jobs easier. Technology has become a game-changer for every aspect of the lighting industry. Over the many decades since Thomas Edison’s invention became mainstream, incandescent lighting hadn’t changed all that much. When low-voltage systems became popular, only a modest […]

Hermitage Lighting Gallery Nashville

Hermitage Lighting Gallery The True Nashville Star

 A weekly game of pinnacle, the advent of the hot plate, and the growing availability of household appliances all played a role in Hermitage Lighting Gallery’s evolution in Music City. There are several unique things that can only be found in Nashville – the Grand Ole Opry, the Parthenon, and Hermitage Lighting Gallery – and […]

European Residential Lighting Style

New Face of American Design: How to Sell European & American Style

Experts explain the differences between Modern lighting design in America versus Europe and the changing landscape affecting both markets today.   Although steeped in a cultural heritage centuries older than the U.S., Europe has long enjoyed the leading role in shaping the contemporary design direction of lighting while offering a bold and playful approach to […]

enLIGHTenment news

A Boost in Builder Business: Selling the Home Builder

The year 2013 showed positive signs in new home construction as well as existing home sales — a trend that is expected to increase in 2014.  While real estate sales in most major metropolitan cities never reached the lows that other areas in the country did, even the states that were hardest hit (i.e. Arizona, […]

Energy Partnering With Utilities Style

Making the Most of Utility Programs

 Informing customers about any state or local monetary incentives to make more energy-efficient lighting choices could be a win-win opportunity for your store.    Next month, Daylight Savings Time ends and there is more darkness than light in our 24-hour days. This inevitable occurrence is the ideal time to advertise your showroom’s expertise on the […]


Electricians Can be Your Best Advocate

Where once there might have been a rivalry for business, today there are more mutually beneficial partnerships.  If a lighting store has talented lighting designers on staff, a good electrician can become a savvy business partner. According to business consultant Allen Ray of Allen Ray Associates in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, showrooms that seek out […]

Residential Lighting Reps

The Changing Role of Lighting Reps

Nothing is business as usual anymore in retail, manufacturing, OR repping. We asked some long-time lighting reps how their operations – plus customers’ and factories’ expectations – have changed. Brett Blizzard  From Retail to Rep “I’m a filament baby. My parents owned Coastal Lighting in Wilmington, N.C. and I grew up in the lighting showroom […]

Lighting Reps and Weathering the Storm

How Lighting Reps Are Weathering the Storm

A continuation of last month’s report, more independent sales reps reveal how the economy has affected their operations. I want to thank you all for your many positive comments on the present day position of our reps’ lot in lighting.  The drama of the unfolding changes in our country, our world, our lives, and our […]

Michael Wintersteller

Rep Report: Michael Wintersteller

Michael Wintersteller made a bold choice during the Recession by launching his own rep agency. Like many in the industry, Michael Wintersteller grew up surrounded by lighting; his mother, Linda, has worked for Kichler for the past 48 years. Although his mom always enjoyed her job, Wintersteller didn’t imagine that lighting would become his career […]