Why Basic Doesn’t Cut It

We live in a world where cars have been engineered to parallel park themselves, robot vacuum cleaners can sweep our floors unattended, and smart phones have lived up to their name by servings as GPS units, appointment calendars, clocks, pedometers, camcorders, as well as instantly ready cameras with programmable special effects and filters. Nothing seems to be […]


The Era of Style

There’s an interesting paradigm going on. While the U.S. has been in the throes of a multi-year Recession, it seems like the average consumer’s Style IQ has gone way up. Whether it’s due to the popularity of remodeling/decorating TV networks and shelter magazines or the countless decorating blogs on the Internet, consumers have more access to design advice than ever before […]


Breaking Bad Behavior: A letter From the Editor

I was disappointed to hear about some very bad behavior going on among manufacturers during the January Dallas Market. Specifically, I heard complaints that several companies – I wish there were only one culprit – sent a few members of their staff stampeding into competitors’ showrooms to photograph (and in one case, videotape) the new products that their competition had on display. Now, never mind the […]

Lucky 13

The year 2013 almost sounds unlucky, doesn’t it? Besides all the talk of a fiscal cliff looming, there are promising indications on the horizon for the home furnishings and lighting industries. New construction is expected to cautiously resume, home buying has made some encouraging strides in many major markets, and remodeling projects seem to be […]

A Senior Moment

Did you know that every eight seconds, someone in America will turn 50 years old? In 2012, the nation’s population of people aged 50 and over is estimated to reach 100 million. And, according to the Administration on Aging of The Department of Health and Human Services, the population of Americans 65+ will increase to […]

On the Right Track

We all know that builders love recessed lighting, but too often these fixtures are installed in a general grid pattern instead of a carefully laid out lighting plan that takes into account how the room will be used. Similarly, it is not uncommon to walk through a residence and see track lighting that “came with […]

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirror, mirror on the wall, you are the fastest-growing home décor segment of them all! Not only is the category gaining popularity among homeowners, but many lighting showrooms are beefing up their selections to meet the need. Similarly, several lighting companies such as Quoizel, Kichler, and Pacific Coast Lighting have recently expanded their merchandise mix […]

Linda Longo, Editorial Director, Bravo Integrated Media

Welcome To enLIGHTenment: A Letter From the Editor

Hello…we’re excited to present to you the first digital edition of enLIGHTenmentmag.com! Now before you slap your forehead and say, “Do we really need another lighting magazine?” hear me out.  enLIGHTenment is no ordinary trade magazine arriving in your mailbox each month with an online companion version that is essentially a duplicate of the magazine […]