A New Era Begins – ALA Leadership Transition

In his last few months as President and CEO of ALA, Dick Upton reflects on his tenure at ALA plus the  challenges the lighting industry has faced — and overcome. If it weren’t for a chance meeting with a man who was involved with the National Chamber of Commerce, Dick Upton might have become a […]


ALA Offers CLC Courses at the June Dallas Market

Lighting buyers and store owners looking to increase their lighting knowledge will find what they’re looking for at the International Lighting Market held at the Dallas Market Center this week (June 18-21). The seminar topics were carefully chosen to reflect the rapidly changing technology developments affecting the lighting retail business.   With the advent of […]


ALA Appoints Justin Neumann as Vice President of Government Affairs

The American Lighting Association (ALA), headquartered in Dallas, has hired Justin E. Neumann as VP/Government Affairs. He is currently the Director/Government Relations with the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) and a graduate of Brigham Young University, earning a bachelor’s degree in Political Science. Neumann has gained significant experience with lighting issues from his work at […]


American Lighting Association Appoints Eric Jacobson President

The American Lighting Association’s (ALA) Board of Governors voted unanimously to name Eric Jacobson as its new President, following the retirement of Dick Upton in January 2015.  Jacobson has served as VP/Membership Development Services & Administration since coming on board as part of the “New ALA” in January 1994. After Upton’s retirement announcement during the […]

Lighting for Tomorrow

Lighting for Tomorrow 2013 Winners Announced

Lighting for Tomorrow 2013 Awards Announced!   The winners of the much-anticipated annual Lighting for Tomorrow competition were announced at the American Lighting Association (ALA) Conference in Lost Pines, Tx., and included both companies that are not widely known in the residential side of the lighting industry as well as those more familiar to distributors. […]

enlightenment magazine lighting reps

ALA – Rep Report: BJ Ferber & Associates

Whether or not they know (or like) it, rep team BJ Ferber and Barbara Jordan of BJ Ferber & Associates are as alike as they are different.    There has always been a soft spot in my heart for Texans, and much of that has to do with their larger-than-life personalities, their generosity, and their […]

Seattle EMP Museum

Seattle’s EMP Museum: 1500 Toshiba LED Lighting Fixtures

The brainchild of Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, Seattle’s EMP Museum pays tribute to some of the world’s most influential pop culture icons. Founded in 2000, the EMP building (also known as Experience Music Project) has a story as intriguing as the collections inside it. When designing an exterior that would evoke a rock ‘n’ roll […]

American Lighting Association Director of Conferences Beth Bentley

Beth Bentley Answers the Most Commonly Asked Questions About the ALA Conference

We sat down with Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) Beth Bentley, director/Conferences for the American Lighting Association (ALA) to learn the ins and outs of organizing the annual gathering. enLIGHTenment Magazine:  How and when do you decide where the conference will be? Beth Bentley:  We typically look three to four years ahead of where we’d like […]

Behind the American Lighting Association

American Lighting Association: Behind the Scenes

If you’re in the lighting business, you know what the ALA is, but  you probably don’t know half of what they do When the American Lighting Association (ALA) first came into being nearly 20 years ago, the industry was a lot simpler. The incandescent was the primary residential light source and spiral compact fluorescents were […]

American Lighting Association Conference Preview

American Lighting Association Conference Preview

Part of the ALA’s success is its conscientious effort to involve fresh, young voices in the lighting industry – and very often these young guns are the scion of the industry’s trailblazers. From serving as a protective guardian over government legislation that could negatively impact the category and fiercely going to bat for the lighting […]